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Waters on 50th resident: ‘I’ve never ached like that, and I have rheumatoid arthritis’

February 18, 2021

This community reporting project documents the coronavirus pandemic by recording the personal stories of Minneapolis residents and workers whose daily lives are in a state of flux. All interviews are conducted over the phone, and conversations are edited for length and clarity.

Arminta and Ron Miller, residents, The Waters on 50th senior living community

Arminta: We got the second shot on Monday. I’m doing OK today, but I had a rough time. When I woke up on Tuesday morning, I had the chills really bad. I was covered up with all these blankets. My teeth chattered. I was achy all over. I’ve never ached like that, and I have rheumatoid arthritis. It was awful. And then the next morning, my arm was swollen and itched unbearably. It went all the way from where the shot was down to the elbow. I’m glad I’m over the experience.

Ron: One resident got the chills and had to wear gloves in his apartment. … How was I? I didn’t feel nothing at all.

Arminta: “I live a good life,” is what he told me. 

Ron: I said, “I’m a lean, mean fighting machine, and I live a good life.” And then she got mad at me — I don’t know why! 

Arminta: Every resident is vaccinated now, and so are 75% of the workers here. I think that is amazing. They’re going to open up in three weeks if everything keeps going well. 

We’re making our own cookbook here at The Waters. We’re supposed to put our favorite recipes together. I gave three main dish recipes and will do a couple hors d’oeuvres. The one I always get asked for is a leftover turkey hot dish with wild rice, and it’s really good. And I did a chicken baked in cream that I’d always serve to family and friends for dinner parties. And then there’s a recipe called burger bundles — hamburger with stuffing and sauce — that my son just loved growing up. It’s a hit with guys.

Ron is still exercising every day. Today we had a wine tasting. They have a lady coming in every Friday who plays the piano. For our Valentine’s Day dinner we had lobster tail. And we had chocolate candy tasting — we got six to eight pieces. 

Ron: You have to mark which one you like the best. 

Arminta: And they did a contest where they asked for our wedding pictures. People would guess who it was, because it’s hard to tell when you’re white-haired and grey-haired. 

Ron: We’ll have visitors in the conference room within the next two or three weeks.

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